It’s Time to Breakup with Your Normal Workout Routine and Try Cyclebar

The Studio

Being that I have been an avid gym goer for almost 10 years, I thought that I was getting the most out of my workouts as I possibility could.

Oh you know…

Waking up at 4:30 a.m. almost every day and heading to the gym – no problem. Pushing myself constantly to do that extra rep – in the bag. Setting out to break my average running speed nearly every time I step foot onto the treadmill – consider it done. Eating right – pfft, easy! When I’m splurging – no regrets. Falling off of the wagon – no problem. I will pick myself right back up again until I am back on track.

Down to a science, right?

If it wasn’t clear enough, I am someone who is DEDICATED to health and fitness. To me, fitness is life. It gives me a daily boost of endorphins that always help me make the most of my day. It also makes me a better person, inside and out. So, why would I change a single thing?

A-HA Moment: I had it all wrong…

The Real Experience of Cyclebar

Everything changed when a friend of mine invited to me try out Cyclebar (Woodbury, Minnesota) for the first time. From the very second I walked into the door, I was in complete awe of the studio.

The complimentary snack and beverage bar

It was simple, vibrant and very welcoming – which is so important to me because most larger gyms can make you feel very overwhelmed and are often very pushy for a sale.

Cyclebar is simply better than the rest. Here’s Why…

After I was greeted at the front desk, one of their team members helped me get all setup for success.

My personalized locker

She gave me a quick tour, signed me in on their virtual race board which is connected to their TVs, fitted me with the right shoes, assigned me my very own locker, gave me a free water bottle and she also invited me to enjoy some of complimentary snacks/drinks at the snack bar. It didn’t end there, I was also personally escorted to my bike and fitted from head to toe. Please tell me anywhere else that does that? NOWHERE!

I felt like a rockstar, ready to dominate the world.

A new Workout can be very Intimidating but not Always

Let’s face it, fitness studios can look and sound like best place in the whole world, but they can be also very intimidating. Especially when you are trying a new workout for the first time or when you finally have enough courage to step out of your comfort zone to lose some weight.

This is the scary zone, people!

There can be so many thoughts that run through your head – “Do I have everything I need?” “Am I wearing the right clothes?” “Am I going to be the worst person in the room?” “Will anyone even talk to me?” “OMG, I am the fattest person here.” “I have no idea what I am doing.” “How the heck is she doing that?” The list goes on…

Seriously, so much doubt lives within us sometimes. Cyclebar can help you overcome yours!

The amazing thing about Cyclebar is that their staff make you feel like a million bucks from the second you walk into the door, until the very second you leave.

It’s just the way they do things there – Better than the rest.

After I was adjusted into my bike, the overhead lights started to dim. It was time to start riding. As your workout begins to start, you just soak in the whole experience– your body loosens up, your mind awakens, the energizing music videos are pumping you up. Even the vibrant back lights make you feel like a superstar. Don’t forget about the instructor, who uplifts you to another level. It feels like pure bliss.

The Workout: How does it Stack up?

To be honest, since I am in good shape and already spend a lot of time running, I thought it would be easy. The truth is, it wasn’t what I had expected at all. I ended up pushing myself further than I ever had before. I didn’t know that it was even possible!

Seriously I didn’t…

The instructors are almost like a Jedi Knights, who have the power to unleash a whole new side of you that you have never even seen before. Want to feel like a queen or king? Go to Cyclebar. Want to feel like a superhero? Go to Cyclebar. Want to change your life? Go to Cyclebar. Want to lose weight? Go to Cyclebar.

The workout itself is 50 minutes long. Sure, it seems like a lot less time than you would spend at an actual gym, but overall, it ends up delivering way more of a workout within 50 minutes than you could ever get spending an hour and half by yourself at a gym.

The workout consists of:

  • Warm up (Phase 1). You spend a lot of time in the lower gears, spinning fast. The goal is to get yourself synced up to the music by rpms and to also begin to feel the flow of your body with the bike. The instructor will tell you how fast (rpms) you should be going during each part of the song. You will also hear a lot of cheering from your fellow riders, who are getting ready to give it their all!
  • Phase 2. It’s time to turn up the resistance, alternate moves between the standing and sitting positions and to start incorporating your upper body into the moves. Each rider also has a weighted bar (4 or 6 lbs) on their bike, which is used to do arm work during your ride. Yes, it’s a full body workout!
  • Halfway Free Spin. The lights are dimmed very low and the instructor gives you 3-5 minutes to do any style of riding you prefer. You can also take a quick break and get a good, long drink of water before the hardest part begins.
  • Phase 3. Now it’s time to push it hard until the end of the ride. Your moves will get harder and the holds will get longer. The goal is to use your mind/body strength to finish the race. At the end of this phase, you will cross the finish line and your name will appear on the virtual score board (this is optional) and you will see how well you did against your fellow riders.
  • Cool Down. Now it’s time to slow it down, cool off, hydrate and stretch. Don’t forget to clean your bike for the next rider and to check your email for your ride stats. Yes, they get emailed to your phone!

On average, most riders burn about 500-600 calories per 50 minute class, which is more than the average of 325 calories on an elliptical and 475 calories from swimming laps. After your ride, you will feel completely invigorated and have enough endorphins running through your body to keep you uplifted for your whole day.

You have to try it and your first class is FREE. Click here to redeem your FREE RIDE today!

Cyclebar (Woodbury)

Visit them online or call the studio at 651-445-2186

To redeem first ride free:

  1. visit
  2. create an account
  3. click on “BUY CREDITS”
  4. click on “NEW TO CYCLEBAR”
  5. redeem free ride and use toward any class on schedule!

Packages Available (no commitment necessary)

  • New Rider Specials: 5 for $49 or monthly unlimited $99
  • 4 pack monthly $59
  • 10 pack monthly $99
  • Unlimited $129
  • Student/Teacher/Military Discount $99

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