2.16.2018. The Songs I’m Currently Blasting at the Gym.

Ever wonder what music I listen to at the gym? Take a listen to all the songs I’m currently blasting during my recent workouts on my exclusive playlist from Apple Music. They are guaranteed to light up and ignite your workouts! 2.16.2018. Playlist 👇 itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/currently-on-repeat/pl.u-DdANrvouyLxo3M

What It’s Really Like Entering A Bodybuilding Competition

What It’s Really Like Entering A Bodybuilding Competition Rachel Nowak, 35, is just your average thirty-something gym enthusiast who works out when she can at her local CrossFit gym. And just like many of us, she tries keep her workouts fun to achieve her fitness goals. She eats healthy most of the time but doesn’t obsess… Read More

How To Accomplish Your New Years Resolution In 2018

This is How You Actually Can Accomplish your New Years Resolution Have all Your New Years Resolutions Failed?You are not alone. Only 8% of people actually achieve their New Years Resolution. A major reason why most people fail is because they didn’t follow through with the right preparation and execution plan to reach their goals.… Read More